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Tuesday, April 13, 2004
Here we go, a philsophy question. OH BOY! Truth is different for a lot of people. Obviously, this being the case, truth is found in many different places for those people. Truth for me, well, that comes from the Bible. I'm Christian. Not religious anymore. But I always get that itch, ya know? Like when I do something wrong, I know I'm doing it wrong. I was religious until I was 17, then discovered the joys of........well, nevermind. You don't really need to know that.

Still, there isn't a day that goes by that my Bible isn't open. I don't read it as a story, or a typical book, or strictly for the writing quality of the thing. I read my Bible for truth. For me, and for every Christian I believe, the truth for every possible situation lies in the Word. In a place as varied with race, creed and religion as a college campus, namely this campus, there are many different trials that people have to go through. I know plenty of people that have struggled with truth. Myself included. Yet, I have that one thing that a lot of people don't use: The Bible.

Don't take this as a rant. I'm not here to preach. To each his own. I love that. I'm don't debate about religion or anything of that sort. But for me, personally, I'll stick with Jesus.

Sunday, March 28, 2004
When I was first determining where I wanted to go to school, I based my decision on whether or not I wanted to be a sports journalist or a sports agent. When I decided I was coming to Cornell, I chose the agent route through the major of ILR. As I've progressed though, I've found that journalism is more my passion, my niche, my forte. I've always seemed to be more of a writer that writes off the top of my head, with biased opinion. Well, I don't like to call it bias, more like...passion. ILR writing is more of writing to make a point. I mean, you have A., B., and C., now explain them. I can't do that. I seem to put a lot of myself into writing. If you've read my pieces, you've probably noticed that. I throw my whole person into it. I don't just make up babble about "And into the darkness the doves alluded their fears" or some trendy English stuff. I'll be romantic, I'll be risque, I'll be passionate, I'll be cruel, cold, anything. It depends on me. It's that type of writing of which I think I write best. And maybe with a change of majors and schools, I can further realize that potential and that passion.

Thursday, March 04, 2004
I was born and raised in rural Oklahoma. The Ozark Mountains near the Oklahoma/Arkansas border has always been home to me (I found it quite funny actually that Josh mentioned people know how to read - or something like that - unless of course you were home-schooled in the Ozark Mountains. C'mon Josh, I know plenty of people that were home-schooled in the Ozarks. haha).

The terrain is not dissimiliar to this area. I live on the edge of the mountains, near the base. Also, Ithaca is in the Finger Lakes region; I live not 20 minutes from the most "touristy" lake in Oklahoma: Lake Tenkiller. Most people from my hometown of Stilwell live, work, and spend most of their time in the Stilwell area. Of course, if you're a high school kid the town doesn't have a lot to offer. To have a 'good time' on the weekends, you make the 30 minute trek to Tahlequah, OK or the 45 minute journey to Fayetteville, AR. Tahlequah is a lot like Ithaca, minus the liberals and the hippees. It's not as focused on the Arts as Ithaca is either. Tahlequahs primary 'industry' are the Cherokee. Tahlequah is the capital of the Cherokee Nation. You may wonder what significance this holds for me, well, I'm actually 1/8 Cherokee. So there are always ties to your heritage nearby.

Stilwell itself though, isn't large at all. 2,500 people, maybe, is the population. The biggest attraction in town is Wal-Mart. Everyone from the age of 16 to 21 vies for a job there. Unfortunately, it's a very poverty stricken town. I found out a while back while doing some research for a report over Oklahoma that Oklahoma is the 48th most poverty stricken state, and my county, Adair, is the most poverty stricken county in the state. Most people from the town of Stilwell rarely get out of the borders of Stilwell, if they do, it's rare that they leave Oklahoma or nearby Arkansas.

Cornell is quite a different landscape, both phyiscally and culturally, for me. I have been to almost every state in the union, but never really spent a prolonged time outside of Oklahoma. New York, Ithaca, and Cornell itself has been quite an adjustment for me. Almost too much. I guess the adjustment may have been too much, as I'm tranferring back to a university closer to home after this semester. Many people when they go off to college begin to call their college hometown 'home'. For me, Oklahoma will always be home. It simply feels like home.

Sunday, February 08, 2004
You know what has always confused me? Yoda. Why does he speak like that? When I was younger I had no idea what that dude was saying. Backwards speaks, he does. Whatever. My cousins got me into those movies when I was a young 'en and he was always my favorite character. Why not huh? I mean, he's a puppet, I was six. Of course he was my favorite. As I grew older though, he was still my favorite. Now, I'm not a Star Wars freak or anything, but he's wicked cool. Seriously, listen to the way he speaks. Parables all the time, speaking backwards to make the meaning more 'deep'. I remember the way he talked from day one. And that, as weird as it might seem, has stuck with me since I've seen it.

Sunday, February 01, 2004
Issue Number 1
Volume Number 1

If you're just joining us it's 11:43 in the PM, and you're watching Perspectives. I'm your host Lionel Caldwell.

Just checkin to see if this SNL muse is gonna work.

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